Kids Belt testing is February 13th – February 17th for the March 9th graduation. There is a sign up sheet at the front desk. If none of the testing dates work for you, you can always schedule a private lesson for your child to take their belt test at least 1 week before graduation.

To be eligible for White w/ Grey stripe belt testing: your child must have attended AT LEAST 40 classes.

To be eligible for Grey & White belt testing: your child must have AT LEAST 3 stripes on their 2nd belt (either Grey & White or White with grey stripe) and have competed at least once OR 4 stripes.

Here are links to all the current belt tests:
📝*NEW* 4-6 Year old’s White w Grey Stripe
📝 White w Grey Stripe
📝 Grey & White Belt

Parents, please review the belt test with your child so they have plenty of time to work on any techniques they don’t feel confident about. If there are more than 3 techniques they don’t feel comfortable with, you can schedule a private lesson with Christina, Rafael, or Graham.

If they’re still struggling to tie their belt (it’s a skill they need to pass the test!) here is an easy video showing how to do it :The Best Way to Tie Your BJJ or Judo Belt!

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